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Electric and Unmanned Logistics

  • Electric & Unmanned Logistics Vision, Purpose, and Approach

  • Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of ULS on a future battlefield

  • Technology Demonstrations

  • Reference material for background on future operational and logistics support concepts

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Learn about how commercial platforms are shaping the future of logistics operations from industry partners leading the market in electric mobility and unmanned systems!

FUELED Ops Demo - Unlocking the Future of Unmanned Logistics Systems
(July 28, 2020)

About the SoCal Tech Bridge Electric and Unmanned Logistics Operations


Unmanned logistics systems have proven to be fertile ground for cultivating stakeholders, performers, and funding opportunities. SoCal Tech Bridge's nascent operational model included the collective efforts of Naval Information Warfare Center - Pacific (NIWC PAC) - acting as principal government investigator; CANA LLC - supporting stakeholder engagement and data analytics; and MODAL AI and Robotic Research - partnering commercial industry and innovation companies. The intent was to find, develop, and demonstrate innovative technology, identify military applications and match needs, and to make results relevant to government requirements developers. 

In 2019, the Operational Energy Capability Innovation Fund (OECIF), Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (OUSD) for Acquisition and Sustainment, funded the Future Unmanned Logistics Systems (ULS) Energy Logistics Enabling Distributed Operations Program - FUELED Ops. The goal of FUELED Ops was to bridge the technological visionaries of the private sector to our nation’s military leaders and planners - focusing on leveraging commercial innovation and technological advancements to better understand how operational energy and unmanned logistics systems might improve effectiveness on future battlefields. The SoCal Tech Bridge's operational objectives included:

  • Show how air and ground ULS from commercial industry are transformative

  • Demonstrate capabilities rapidly via iterative design approach of: market research (All Electric UTV; AV/EV Shuttle; AV/EV Air Taxi; and EV Semi-truck) to prototype to modeling and simulation to analysis 

  • Drive collision events with stakeholders to increase velocity towards a minimally viable product (MVP)


Two lines of effort allowed

development of real-life

and simulated technology

demonstrations. The first,

led by Robotic Research,

provided a demonstration of 

how current electric vehicle

platform technologies that

are connected and have

autonomy applied might

support future battlefield

logistics and energy distribution

missions. The second line of effort, co-led by CANA LLC and Group W, Inc., provided a simulated demonstration for how current and forecasted commercial platforms might, together, perform on the future battlefield. This effort began with in-depth market research of the existing unmanned logistics and energy environment. The team leveraged results of the market research and used modeling, simulation, and analysis of new capabilities and concepts of employment to understand the feasibility and operational potential of commercial innovation.


The culmination of this first year’s effort was a virtual demonstration day and design think workshop in 2020, which included a demonstration of combined autonomous, driverless ground and aerial systems provided by Robotic Research. The event showed the state of the art in unmanned logistics technology, while generating feedback loops with Marines and industry for developing appropriate use cases.

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FUELED OPS Introduction
FUELED OPS NextStrategy Introduction
FUELED OPS Robotic Research Demonstration
Market Research Results
ULS History
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Electric and Unmanned Logistics Demonstration Day

The Electric and Unmanned Logistics Demonstration Day validated the primacy of the ALEC principles - Autonomous, Logistics, Electric, and Connected - that are interwoven throughout the NextStrategy iterative design. The opening narrative was “The Battlefield of Tomorrow is Electric and Connected,” with a demonstration of technologies that make up an electric, connected, ecosystem. Showcased within this was the actualization of dynamic and all-electric autonomous logistics delivery on the battlefield, connected by cellular technology.


Next, “The Battlefield of Tomorrow is Autonomous and Transforming Logistics” set the theme for the remainder of the day with powerful insights into how the future electric battlefield - enabled by unmanned systems and mobile electric power - might evolve using commercial technologies and market forecasts coupled with results from simulation models. The close of Day 1 provided inspiration with an immersive experience. Visitors could touch and feel and see the future as it rolled, drove, and flew past.

The event on June 23rd, 2021, at MCAS Miramar was an unparalleled platform to illustrate the synergistic possibilities of NextStrategy. The result - innovative ideas that become great designs that work - made this an essential and vital event. 












Demo Day
The Future

The Future and Next Strategy

Several of the prototypes demonstrated at the 5G Demo Day are anticipated to transition to military contracts. This is an ambitious goal deeply embedded within the SoCal Tech Bridge mission and one which will remain a constant in the future. 

The lessons learned and knowledge gained from the SoCal Tech Bridge programs will be used to support military services in technology assessment and acquisitions decision-making - processes that continue to be prolonged and challenging in a world of fast-paced commercial innovation. The program is keenly aligned with military priorities to address future operations in degraded, austere, and potentially hostile and contested environments.   


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