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Project Vesta

Bringing the Future to the Wildfire Fight

Project Vesta

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Wildfires are a wicked problem continually growing in severity and scope, especially in the California region. The threat to people, wildlife, our natural and commercial resources, and the environment is profound and long-lasting. Those committed to fighting fires face significant boots on the ground peril, to include the unique challenges met when operating aboard military installations. Wildfire management leaves little room for error. Project Vesta was borne from innovative student work at the Naval Postgraduate School based on a vision to reduce the impact of these dangers through delivery of timely fire containment agents onto desired targets, persistent fire surveillance, robust analytics capabilities, and convenient interoperability.

The Project Vesta team is passionate about developing – and sharing – this capability. The result is an unmanned fire mitigation prototype that combines state-of-the art technology and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment intended to identify fire risk, reduce response time, and decrease direct firefighter engagement. Humans are still deeply engaged in the process, but at a safer distance. The Project Vesta team will conduct experiments throughout 2022 that will support further research, development, testing, and analysis of Project Vesta viability. Each iteration will result in a synthesis of lessons learned and performance improvements.

About Project Vesta


 The Naval Postgraduate School, SoCal Tech Bridge, Project Partners, and Team members helping to develop Project Vesta were on hand for this event. 

The February 2022 experiment was closed to the general public; information will be shared post-event.


Project Vesta began with a technology experiment week at Camp Roberts in San Miguel, CA from February 14-18, 2022


The experiment took place on a five acre plot of land in the middle of Camp Roberts in a primarily grassland environment.

face masks required
Project Vesta Event Info

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Project Vesta Experiment
Project Vesta Experiment
Feb 14, 2022, 9:00 AM PST – Feb 18, 2022, 4:00 PM PST
Camp Roberts,
San Miguel, CA 93451, USA

Project Vesta Leaders and Partners

Learn more about the team's leadership below, or select a team member's logo for specific corporate information. All the members of the Project Vesta team are committed to developing and advancing innovation, and we are all excited to be a part of such meaningful work.

This project is testament to the SoCal Tech Bridge philosophy that meaningful, non-traditional, partnerships between Installations, Industry, and Research can enable opportunities and unlock emerging technology. SoCal Tech Bridge has developed relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders that include local, state, and federal governments; military bases, stations, and commands; educational and scientific entities; and commercial technology interests. This is the foundation that supports - and is - the Project Vesta team. 

CANA, LLC facilitates SoCal Tech Bridge's collaborative efforts across projects through application of continuous project requirements' analysis and development of stakeholder learning objectives. Coupled with targeted technology market research and insights, industry and media engagement, applied analytics, and modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities, the company supports SoCal Tech Bridge's responsive, flexible, and trail-blazing approach.  

TESIAC is key to the Project Vesta team. An infrastructure, investment, and market development platform company integrating energy, mobility, and technology with innovative capital, TESIAC's focus is to enable and accelerate the transition to sustainable infrastructure in a rapidly growing and changing electrification marketplace. TESIAC is ahead of the market delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) at scale. It brings together complementary knowledge, expertise, and leading industry partners to address complex challenges and integrates technologies into solutions.

By engaging in a leadership role, TESIAC assists Project Vesta by communicating to the market to advance "lessons learned" to meet current and future market needs. SoCal Tech Bridge's relationship with TESIAC has been pivotal in driving the Project Vesta experience. Serving alongside SoCal Tech Bridge and CANA, LLC, TESIAC engages project partners to ensure the experiment's overall success, design, and execution.

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Event Media

Project Vesta post-demonstration media and documentation - Coming soon.

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