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Agile Research & Development

What is Agile Research and Development?

Agile research is, unsurprisingly, an approach to research that draws inspiration from agile software development. Agile research eliminates dependencies and friction that can slow down traditional research studies, trading off precision for directionally useful feedback that enables rapid learning and iterative improvement. Agile Development process is a method of managing development. In its heart lies more fluid and flexible approach to organizing the entirety of the working process including the interaction with the customer.

SoCal Tech Bridge and partners’ unique engagement with stakeholders ensures technology demonstrations are more than science projects. The Stakeholder Management System takes a micro- and macro- approach that seeks input, facilitates collaboration, and provides feedback in a constant, adaptive cycle. SoCal Tech Bridge engages the "universe" of stakeholders, but also focuses in on specific, pilot-focused engagements. This process of demonstrations, design/think workshops, modeling and simulation, feedback, and pilots drive the train of innovation and, eventually, acquisition.  From this cycle, comes new contracts and future capabilities; the process is proven.

Collaboration and trust is key. Meaningful relationships with partners, influencers, advocates, sponsors, and customers enable the SoCal Tech Bridge to act efficiently, and with authority and credibility. SoCal Tech Bridge utilizes tools such as Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs); Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs); and contracts with organizations and agencies to create tailored and unique commitments to stakeholders.

Agile Research & Development
Image by Daniel Seßler

The SoCal Tech Bridge Portfolio

5G Living Lab

Designation of MCAS Miramar as 5G Living Lab in concert with Verizon. First of its kind, the 5G Living Lab supports and advances innovative technology.

Food Security Living Lab

Growing things

Electric Mobility Living Lab

We are in partnership with governments, federal agencies, industry, and academia to close knowledge gaps and develop concepts of operation around electric mobility services.

AV Proving Grounds

What is the definition of a proving ground?

1: a place for scientific experimentation or testing (as of vehicles or weapons)

2: a place where something is developed or tried out

The SoCal Tech Bridge AV Proving ground is both of these things and more.

Digital Fortress

Self-learning technology will enhance security in a myriad of environments.


Let's Make A Change

We are ready to help you launch pilots to show both the art of the possible and best practices to help you make smart investments and meet your electrification and mobility goals. We will have many opportunities for you to interact with thought leaders and technology doers within industry and government. Join us - be a part of this exciting movement onboard MCAS Miramar!


It's Time to Get Involved!

The Technology is Ready!

The Services are Proven!

The Location is Known!

The Time to Lead is Now!

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