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The Future is Now

Past SoCal Tech Bridge Podcasts

A collection of SoCal Tech Bridge Podcast episodes and previously recorded podcasts from around the web.

The Art of Maneuver Podcast

The Art of Maneuver is a series of mini podcasts that demonstrates how to defeat the bureaucracy, using principles inspired by maneuver warfare. Patrick Edwards and Brandon Newell are two thought leaders and veterans of the US military, who are now sharing their earned wisdom of how to take on the bureaucracy - and win - using your best asset: your passion and your authentic self.

Let's Talk About the Future of EV and Unmanned Logistics

In this episode of the CANA Connection Podcast host Rob Cranston and a few other members of the CANA Team talk with the Leaders of the SoCal Tech Bridge Brandon Newell and Steve Harvey about Unmanned Logistics, Micro-Grids, and Electric Vehicles and how those systems are being put to use at MCAS Miramar now and into the future.

AMCL Symposium 2021: The NavalX SoCal Tech Bridge

Re-broadcast from the Association of Marine Corps Logisticians Symposium in October 2021. In this session Host Rob Cranston is joined by Maj Steven Harvey. Join them as they talk about the SoCal Tech Bridge organization and their focused efforts on leveraging the Southern California convergence of Installations, Industry, and Research to unlock emerging technology through non-traditional partnerships.

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