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US Ignite

Accelerating Smart Communities

US Ignite

US Ignite is an advanced technology research nonprofit with a mission to accelerate the smart community movement. Our public-private partnership programs combine program management experience with subject matter expertise in telecommunications, artificial intelligence, transportation, and IoT to drive key outcomes for communities. Our work also enables new opportunities for wireless and IoT research designed to help bridge the gap between cutting‐edge experimentation and scalable, real‐world technology deployments.

US Ignite works with smart bases and military installations to develop technology pilots using sensors, advanced broadband and IoT networks, and data-driven strategies. These pilots are designed to help solve operational challenges, from improving transportation logistics to upgrading local energy infrastructure with 5G wireless connectivity.

Through the public-private partnership (P3) programs we run, US Ignite is a catalyst for communications network advancement, and for innovation in smart city services that are powered by a new generation of technologies.

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