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Energy Resilience Living Lab

What is the art of the possible in traditional and non-traditional energy harvesting, storage, and distribution?

Energy Resilience - Microgrid

About the Energy Resilience - Microgrid

Microgrid lane diagram

The MCAS Miramar microgrid Energy Resilience Living lab was, developed and built through the efforts of Schneider Electric, is a model of what is possible: a sophisticated, capable network capable of harvesting and utilizing five different traditional and non-traditional energy sources and transferring that energy to base operations, to support outside community needs, and to external charging stations. These external charging stations can move energy to a wide, and ever-expanding variety of electric and autonomous transportation options.


It is energy where and when it is needed, and it has proven its functionality and reliability. Since 2019, the microgrid has, and will continue to, exponentially increase energy resilience, security, independence, and long-range sustainability.

MCAS Miramar’s energy resources are committed to supporting the emergency energy needs of the surrounding communities and helping to strengthen mutually beneficial relationships. Visit the media links on this page to learn more about the base's role in supporting the local region in times of emergency. 

SoCal Tech Bridge's programs and projects are deeply interwoven into the MCAS Miramar microgrid - its innovations, capabilities, and potential.  

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