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Electric Mobility Symposium 

Electric Mobility Symposium

The 2021 Electric Mobility Symposium aboard MCAS Miramar was the successful culmination of years' effort. The Symposium featured:

    * Live, Interactive, Panels with Industry, Military, Policy,         and Academic Leaders

    * Booths and Briefings with over 25 Industry and                     Government Partners

    * Immersive demonstrations of commercial technology

    * Extensive Networking Opportunities

The Electric Mobility Vision - Ecosystem of an Electron

The Electric Mobility Symposium (EMS) focused on the Electric Vehicle Revolution - how it will transform military bases and cities, making them connected, autonomous, and resilient. The objective was to validate, establish, and scale electric mobility on military installations through a proven ability to: provide personnel transport, package delivery, and mobile power; leverage electric manned and unmanned platforms; link micro-grids and mobility as a service; and leverage private capital and innovative contracting. Over the past years, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar has led in setting up the infrastructure to support this revolution. It is the right place and the right time to support future technology pilots and implementations.

Electric Mobility Ecosystem

Ready Technology: 
Micro-Grids Charging + EVs + AVs + 5G
Proven Services: 
Carshare + Rideshare + Delivery + AV Shuttle
Known Location: 
MCAS Miramar + Energy Resilience + 5G Living Lab + AV Proving Grounds

Infrastructure image

The showcase of events  were based on revolutionary partnerships and novel design processes to help determine the infrastructure, concepts of employment, and enablers to support the electric vehicle (EV) and autonomous vehicle (AV) revolution, and to help federal, state and local governments understand how they might transfer this technology to other bases and to neighboring cities. The Symposium highlighted the art and science of the possible when private industry, technology, private equity investing, the military, and local governments come together and leverage the conditions for innovation that have been set aboard MCAS Miramar. These efforts include infrastructure enhancement, visioning, and piloting technologies developed through a partnership that includes the MCAS Miramar Base, Installation neXt, and the NavalX SoCal Tech Bridge. 


The Electric Mobility Symposium was the Phase 0 Launch for the electric mobility initiative. It included dynamic presentations from key government leaders on changing policies and plans, interactive panels with electric mobility thought leaders, as well as immersive demonstrations and discussions of technologies with industry-leading organizations. It was an opportunity to learn more about how private capital investments and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) approaches can support energy, mobility, and smart cities’ technology needs. The defining principles of ALEC were interwoven throughout.

The Symposium brought together the unlimited capabilities and potential impact of proven next-generation communications platforms, renewable energy generation capacity on managed microgrids, and the encompassing range of vehicle electrification and automation technologies in one place. This ecosystem will inform infrastructure investment, concepts of employment, and transformational developments seeking to make similar strides towards equity, resiliency, and sustainability.

The bottom line of the Symposium was an increased awareness in community of interest, conversation and collaboration, and galvanized enthusiasm and belief about path forward. This was just Phase 0; Phases 1-3 continue the vision.

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